In this duplex residence, double height courtyard that connect spaces on different levels is emphasized due to having multiple designer elements like Circular Skylights opt by using the frustum of clay cones, Jali wall, visual variety in terms of textures, green belt and traditional light fixtures all together creates excitement and calm in environment simultaneously that makes the space perfect for spending quality time with family. Self-supporting two storied Jali wall was a bit challenging, done successfully and became a heart element of the courtyard. As it maintains thermal comfort by improvising the ventilation inside; allowing natural day light and creates visual drama of light and shadow; linking interior to exterior and maintains the privacy as well.

Living roof is done with Jack arch where girders are used at intervals between which terra cotta blocks form slightly lengthen vaults that headed towards cost effectiveness. Replacing unnecessary concrete in tension zone with earthen pots as filler material enhance aesthetics, maintains the thermal comfort inside and reduces total embodied energy. Semi-circular arched openings are preferred as its curved geometry effects cost and stresses and makes the façade more appealing. Corbelling has been done to obtain delicate sit outs which also served the purpose of shading devices.