SUVI, the contemporary design residence, with an external façade of an industrial style nature is an experiment in the stark combination of glass, steel, wood and red brick cladding. The availability of varied material in the building pulls the eye in all directions. The dependency on artificial lights is reduced by the use of skylights and solar power. Additional interest is created by the play of light and shadow.

‘Keep it Natural’

These were the words driving us through the project. The dents of the brick, undulations of stone, strength of steel and clarity of glass makes up the facade of the building. Plenty skylights and solar power reduces the dependence of lighting the house on our rapidly depleting resources. And then there was Vaastu. The play of materials makes it easy to spot the building amidst an array of houses. At the first glance, you see various brick cubes with floating balconies and sunshades. The steel frames and stone flooring take the focus off the brick. The numerous skylights have a light and shadow play going on throughout the house at various times of the day. And this is how we got a Canada returned couple to adjust to Indian attributes.